Embroidery is the art of decorating a fabric, or other materials, with a thread or yarn and needle.

The number of colored threads used in a design depends on the complexity of the design. Often, a single color design can be very effective. Simple is often better. For more complex designs like a coat of arms or crest the distinction of color is required and this is where the addition of color is added to develop the look of the logo.

We use two different types of thread. A poly/viscose thread which cannot be bleached and a polyester thread which can be bleached. Items that are machine washable are embroidered with a polyester thread so the color remains steadfast if bleached.

If you have an idea for a logo, we can take it from a pencil sketch to a full embroidered design.

We look forward to assisting you with your creation, be it simple or complex.


We start with an idea, the school name or symbols then transform the concept into options that reflect the culture of the school. You are presented with concepts to consider. From concept to completion we work closely with our clients to adjust colors and define the crest so it makes a statement. Crests can be embroidered directly on a garment, be attached to a garment as a sew on crest, be produced as a bullion crest by hand sewn wire or heat pressed onto a garment. A crest is such an important part of a school’s image as it is part of the brand. It must be done well and thought through, we can assist you with this process. Many of our crests are recognized internationally.


The details count. From the buttons we use to the braid on jackets.
It becomes part of the story you are telling.
Take a plain blazer and custom design your buttons.
Add an embroidered crest or a bullion crest and trim the blazer with braid.
The results are breath taking.

Stand out in a crowd. We are here to make your vision come true.